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Bye-Bye Bimya

although this and absolute majority of my life never makes it onto this blog i do have to remark on a passing of one of my significant others that is also my car. I fell in love with bimya when i drew the clutch back for the first time but as time passed the years caught up with her and after breakdown after breakdown ive finally had to sever my ties with her.


you were truly one of the last bastions of traditional car and driver relations. You were a machine with a true heart and a personality that while biting and often times brutal to me was your sole hallmark and set you so much apart from the docile and boring cars of the mainstream market. As i venture out to newer and better cars i begin to realize what truly made you special, it wasnt the thousands of modifications or your beauty but was the true uniqueness of your heart that kept me coming back, but as time would have it yours is ticking away and our bond can no longer be sustained. As you go on i will forevor remember you as not only the first love of my life but also the machine tht taught me that cars can be special. As i go out to my eventual next partner i will always remember what you symbolized, that machines can have a heart and there are cars out there with fury and passion. So thank you so much for staying with me all this time and i hope you find another owner with wallets and patience as deep as mine. goodbye my love, the last bastion of lively cars…..


Bimya Emethreeia RIP 2013-2015

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